The internet is a great place to discover new things. Sometimes I discover the new new before the old new, as with ‚What is love‘ that I thought was sung by Jim Carrey for a long time. It’s all before my time so don’t judge. It’s also the first time I encountered the beauty of 10 hour remixes, shortly followed by other such masterpieces as ’smoke weed everyday 10 hours‘ and ‚windows error remix 10 hours‘.

Another good example is ‚Loituma‘ that I knew as either an anime girl swinging a leek around or Hitler singing it in his bunker.

Well, guess what? It was actually not first recorded by Hitler, but instead created 1937 by Eino Kettunen according to Wikipedia. And guess what? Loituma is actually the band name, the song is called Levan Polka.

However I still think the Hitler version is by far one of the funniest ‚The Downfall‘ parodies I have seen. The part where Göring claps his hands still manages to crack me up.