I’m Jenny, just another dreamy artist stuck behind a desk. Desk jobs are fine though, all the best comic ideas come to me while stuck in meetings, answering to mails in a much more polite fashion than I want and working when I’d rather be home.

So here is my comic. Maybe I should explain a bit what it’s going to be about. Despite being an adult (that’s what I make them believe anyway) I still like to listen to rap music. If y’all don’t like it blow me.

I like to spend my (much too few) free hours either in nature away from any idiots or in my cozy chair in front of my notebook away from any idiots. I have played a game or two in my lifetime (gasp, girl gamer? That would make a nice domain name.) and spent quite a bit of time in libraries before the internet became cool (hipster chick).

When internet flatrates became a thing I started playing AOL compact disk frisbee with my imaginary friends, and I still hear voices telling me I have mail. Modem sounds are the jingle of my youth.

Tl:Dr: This comic is one long reference to office life, rap music, games and important political news hopefully stirred into one fun, cute, relatable mix.

Have fun!