Had I not closed the curtains to my left I currently could not see the words I type on my screen. That is always a good indicator that Summer has finally arrived, and actually I will indeed go outside after I publish this post, simply because I need a USB drive with more than 4GB to install Windows 10 on a notebook I got for 20€ at work.

It’s a great little thingy with a 256GB SSD and a quad core CPU, it’s not long ago that those kind of specs would have made my eyes water and at this price they still do to some degree.

It did however come with a wiped SSD and while I think I can manage the incredibly difficult task of setting up a new OS I have not a single portable device with more than 4GB lying around.

I tried installing an old version of Win XP I had lying around to then connect my external HDD but apparently Windows XP can’t read the installer files of Windows 10 so I’m back to setting up a bootable stick. Phew, that was more words than I typed in a long time, I hope y’all enjoyed the comic!


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