I have to send ahead that I understand the decision from a business perspective, but that doesn’t keep me from being really pissed off with EA – again.

The first time was when they basically said ‚all the money you guys spent on our game for items, emotes, widgets etc? Yeah, that’s gone now.‘ and killed the servers. At that moment I had spent over 200€ – not a small sum for someone still going to school – because quite simply I loved the game.

It was so much fun, from the funny emotes to present on kill cams over the balanced gameplay to all the hours and hours of fun I had sneaking around the battefields, knifing people, getting insulted in chat for knifing people, killing snipers with the ‚long range pistol‘ that was better than sniper rifles in skilled hands and sooooo much more.

Then about a month ago a colleague told me „Hey, that game you always talk about? There’s a fan remake and it’s even playable already.“

I took the next day off from work and recreated my National Commando wwwcommando that I once had on the original BFH and played until I reached level 10 of 30. It was just as good as back in the day, like catching up with a long lost friend.

For over a month now I played on and off, a quick round here, a late-night ’shit I really have to sleep now‘ there. I even met people I remembered from back in the day and while fighting for flags and insulting each other after each kill we reminisced about the good old times.

And then, just half an hour ago I wanted to log in and my bookmark to the ‚play now‘ page wasn’t working. Confused I headed to the main site http://reviveheroes.com and was presented with one of the saddest messages I have read in a long time.

I could talk about BFH for hours, but let me summarize: I will miss you, dear game.