This song was the first time I heard something on the radio and asked my friends if anyone knew how the song was called.

Turns out it was the start down a road of songs that I couldn’t understand on a lingual level (still struggle to) but that ’spoke‘ to me regardless. Back then little-me couldn’t even speak much English, let alone understand SP-Language, but it didn’t matter.

Turns out this is also one of the few songs I can mention to other people and get a ‚yeah, I remember that‘ or ‚gee, I loved that song way back when‘.

I doubt Bossman would agree, but then I haven’t tried.



PS: Apparently it’s been a decade since the song came out, now I have conflicting feelings between ‚holy shit, it’s been ten years already?‘ and ‚just ten years? So much has happened since then‘.