Beards are weird. For a long time time I have worn a Walter-White because a goatee looks repulsive, a full beard is nothing for an office environment and a mustache doesn’t work without trenchcoats and hats and let’s be honest in 2017 wearing a hat and trenchcoat is a cry for attention, as practical and fashionable as they are.

So with the last paragraph longer than my beard ever got I decided to cut it all, leaving me with the realization that all that’s gotten me is a time of looking like a babyface and then a beggar until it has grown back. And as a matter of fact I was indeed asked for my ID on the first day, and not even to buy beer, but rather a copy of the current PC Games magazine that has a ‚only for 16+‘ sticker on it. I’m turning 25 in a couple of months for Christ’s sake.

That being said if you want to make the same mistake I can highly recommend the Gilette blades below and you could help me out by buying them after clicking the banner, an 8-pack sure is expensive enough to afford me a whole coffee 🙂