For being a techy I sure jumped onto the crypto train preeeeetty late but as they say ‚the best time to invest in BTC was 2009, the second best is now‘. I’ve only been in the game a couple of months but boy am I a convert. Even though it’s certainly still a currency in its early stages there has been an important shift from being purely a magic internet money to the general public slowly taking note of it in the past months.

In fact I’ve been slowly switching the monetization of this page to cryptos, the top banner is from a-ads which pays in BTC and for the duration of your stay on this page (if you haven’t switched it off) you are donating 40% of your CPU power to mining a few fractions of monero via crypto-loot. At the moment both look quite promising as alternatives to Adsense or annoying popunder ads so I see a lot of potential for crowd mining as a monetization option.

As for the gotenna thing: I noticed that yesterday and found it interesting as a concept, apparently there are even two already in existence in my city. I am low-key considering purchasing two and rigging them up as permanent relays with two small solar chargers gifted by my company that I have no real use for. Interstingly enough they don’t seem to accept BTC, seems like an oversight.