I admit I’m the crazy lady who pets her bicycle before going into the store, talks to my car and thinks highly of all trusted appliances who have stayed with me over the years. That trusted jeans that is more thread than fabric, the hiking backpack that has accompanied me on countless trips since I bought it for 12 instead of 160€ on a flea market because the strap was broken (cough two minute duct tape fix cough).

However I don’t think I own anything as old as my trusted alarm clock that I have actually owned the whole time. I have a couple of hand-me-down things like kitchen appliances that predate my parents‘ birth, but this alarm clock has been with me since about second or third grade. During this time it has never once failed to wake me up, never once the automatic time setting has failed to account for the economical mistake of daylight savings time and never caused any problems.

So to end this sermon: I might not say it often enough, but I hope you understand the soft touch with which I press the snooze button several times each morning.


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