I had to restore this site’s backup today because foolish me played with the .css code of the site, trying to include a function that inserts a ‚thank you for your support‘ line at the end of each post. Immediately after pressing save I couldn’t log back into the admin dashboard (wtf by the way) and had to struggle for over an hour until I found out how to set my whole page back to a safe point. I pressed F6 for 56 minutes, then found out there was no quickload button in wordpress 🙁


So anyway: A huge thanks to all the people around me and on the wide webs that make my life a little more sufferable!

And here’s the text I wanted to include:
Thanks for using my Amazon Affiliate link before shopping on Amazon: Click2makem3happy.
It doesn’t matter what you buy, I get a small commission for each sale made within 24 hours.